The living room is warm and spacious, it has windows overlooking the extensive rewarding green house environment. It is adequately heated by a wood salamandra, with comfortable armchairs, satellite television, DVD and all the furniture needed for rest and recreation. There are also board games for children and adults.
The three rooms are prepared to receive 8 (eight) people, with beds and heaters. They are spacious and bright, with windows facing the large park.
Both bathrooms are fully equipped.
The dining room is equipped with all the elements required by guests. The barbecue grill has a capacity for 24 people.

Features of the house: it is prepared for people with disabilities. Bathrooms fitted with accessories such as armrests, safety features and higher sanitaries for easier movements. The doors and windows of the house are wide to ease the movement of wheelchairs with anti-slip bands in certain sectors

Enjoy our traditional cuisine
The tasting of regional menues is included in the cuisine ofer.
A variety of homeland dishes such as empanadas, lamb and meat, on a spit or grill and dishes cooked on a disc are ready to be ordered, as well as wine and other products of the region. For breakfast you can enjoy breads, jams and puddings produced in the farm.
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